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My daughter is divorced with shared custody of her daughter.

Customer Question

My daughter is divorced with shared custody of her daughter. My daughter was recently promoted to a new position in another town. She made her ex husband aware of the change and he insists he will be dropping off their daughter at 430 tomorrow even though Meg said she would not be there. She offered for him to drop the baby off with me at my work but he said he would not. Meg tried last week to get help through family court and they said it would be at least 3months before they would get a court date. Meg and her ex live in Antelope Ca. Megs job is being moved to Pleasanton Ca. She will be moving to Lodi Ca were we, her parents, live. Lodi is approximatley half way between both her new job and were she lived before. We are so anxious that we want to be sure and do the right thing before they have a chance to go back to court.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Dr.Keane replied 7 years ago.
Hi and welcome,
It seems her ex isn't going to work with her for the child's sake, too bad....Someone (your daughter) needs to talk to him about this being about the child, not them. If there is no movement from him or any agreement then your daughter will have to tough it out and find someone to be there when he drops her off....if she isn't there, you aren't there what is he going to do? take her home with him and make your daughter go pick her up? or is he going to work from there ? It's too bad divorce causes some people to be so mean and nasty. If it's three months before the court can hear her case I would ask for an emergency session, especially if he won't bend at all.
I am sure you are all anxious but that won't help the situation. You have to put your heads together and come up with a solution for tomorrow even if someone has to leave work early. What does your daughter do when she has custody days and has to work? Babysitter? day care? Once she moves to Lodi and it's not as convenient for him to get his daughter and pick her up you may need a lawyer or change the way the custody is shared. Right now he has her right where he wants her, anxious and without a solution. Unfortunate but not much you can do without legal or childcare help.

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