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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
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An hour ago I was served with Contempt of Court papers from

Resolved Question:

An hour ago I was served with "Contempt of Court" papers from my daughters father regarding visitation. We were never married, though he legitimized my daughter 2004. She is almost 9 years old.
Last month, he took my daughter out and made up lies that was transparent to my child. He called for a day, and we havent heard from him since. Background: He has been arrested for fighting me. He has a terrible track record when it comes to my daughter and has never followed the visitation order, in fact my daughter would spend the night at his house once or twice a year. He just started being more involved in her life this year when he got a new girlfriend that doesnt mind children. In 2007 when we got a new puppy, he was supposed to train the dog for us. Instead, a month later he dropped the dog off at a shelter. And when he was confronted by my daughter and myself, he hung up on us and did not come see her for several months. What should I do and what can I expect?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 7 years ago.
What exactly was the Contempt of Court order for? Did you miss a court date?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 7 years ago.
Let me make sure I get this straight--you were supposed to allow visitation, which you did not. The other parent attempted to see the daughter and did not. Correct?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did not block him. He never called me, which is not unusual for him. He is just making this up.
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 7 years ago.
Then when you go to court, explain that to the judge. If your husband has such a poor track of visitation, attempt to show the judge that the other parent is simply misleading the judge into believing that visitation was somehow blocked. You can even attempt to use that as a means to block further visitation by showing that he is "unfit" and should not be around your daughter.


Dimitry Alexander Kaplun, Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq. and 6 other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I noticed you referred to him as my "husband". I want to be clear that you read my statements and are giving me the best advice.
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 7 years ago.
My sincere apologies. Not the husband, but the biological parent. However, the law here treats either in a completely identical manner as the paternity of the daughter (and consequently his relationship to her) is at question, and not your past or current relationship.


Dimitry Alexander Kaplun, Esq.

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