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Getting divorced, been married for 3 years. I did some things

Resolved Question:

Getting divorced, been married for 3 years. I did some things that I wish I could go back and change. I lied about smoking for years, lied about finishing school. We bought a house together this past year. she put down the majority of the down payment, which she was able to save because we had been living in my parent's condo for 5 years....

We are trying to do this pro se, but its obvious that she wants to give me nothing. By the time we sell the house, there may be left just what she put down as payment.    

I'm not saying that I am the only one at fault in this marriage. She has been depressed for the past 2 years and not sought counseling, and continually verbally abused me. Telling me that I was not good enough to do certain tasks.

my question is, is it worth getting an lawyer and fighting for some of the money? which may just get eaten up by lawyer fees? will the courts take my past lies into account? I live in CT which is a no-fault state if that helps...
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 7 years ago.



in CT, the court will distribute all assets regardless of how or when they were acquired. and while she put the majority of the down payment onto the residence, that does not mean that your contributions to the household will not be included in a divsion of the proceeds


what the court will look at is the length of the marriage, the nature of the cause for the divorce, etc - but telling fibs about smoking and finishing school would not be considered


it is always to your benefit to consult with a local attorney about your options. you can do a consult and then decide how much of the proceeds of the home would be yours and then negoiate with her and work a deal. but no court in CT is going to give either party everything -



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