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re Iowa child support.. Original order said noncustodial

Customer Question

re: Iowa child support.. Original order said noncustodial parent to pay 1/2 of medical bills.
The kids' father    did not. ( only 2-3 items out of 10-11 years of child support)
Now after changed jobs..... ( which he got a GOOD severence pay for) (he was only off 1 week and works in same buildings...     different employer.....) THE FATHER   IS NOT PAYING    KIDS'   MEDICAL INSURANCE !!! (Been over a month now...)
* Child support recovery services said their was nothing could do re: medical bills when I called... Said had to refile in court. Case #XXXXX
(Long story...his original lawyer got it so only had to mark part of his income towards child support . Terry then changed insurance to put under employers group rate so cheaper. along with not paying    1/2 of medical bills for 10-11 years now....put that money in savings acct and pd for their newer house with.)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Pro replied 7 years ago.

What you will have to do is file a motion for contempt and sanctions againt him in family court. That he is and has not complied with the support order after you have given him copies of the medical services invoices pursuant to the court order.


Yes, child support recovery services can only deal with the monetary support order itself - everything and anything else has to be brought before the judge who entered the order as to medical costs, tuition, education, sports, etc.


Do you still have an attorney?