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I am preparing my paperwork to file for an annulment. I need

Resolved Question:

I am preparing my paperwork to file for an annulment. I need help wording the reason for asking for the annulment. Basically the man I married was an x from yrs ago. He moved out of state & still lives in Florida. He convinced me that he was serious about marriage & would move here to Tucson and we would live in the house I recently purchased. He flew out for 4 days, we were married & after returning to Florida, he stated that he no longer wanted to move to Tucson. I visited him for Christmas in Fl & things fell apart. Upon my returning to Tucson (Dec 28)he text messaged me that he needed time to think. He wouldnt take my calls & was very brief in text msgs. On Jan. 1, 2009 he sent various msgs stating tha we had rushed into the marriage, we were too different & he didnt see this working out. 2 wks later he sent a text asking for my social security number so he could finish his taxes. I dont want to get screwed for 12 days that we spent together. I believe there was an underlying plan
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  dkennedy replied 7 years ago.



Generally, the basis for granting an annulment of a marriage is fraud, inability to consummate the marriage, that a party to the marriage is a bigamist, has concealed a criminal past or concealed the fact of a communicable disease or other grounds which the Court recognizes as a valid basis for the granting of an annulment. You mentioned a situation you believe is fraud, so you might want to go with that. But, hopefully, you didn't give him the info for him to file taxes with you as joint filer. There is some reason he is doing that, and if he lies on the taxes, and you are on the taxes, you could be liable as well.


Get out of this ASAP. Good luck.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I know what the grounds for annument are. I need help wording what I consider to be fraud on his part. He said we'd live here in Tucson - then got married & he wont move here. Then he blows me off until January 1, 2009 (so that he can say he was legally married on Dec 31, 2008, probably) and tells me he's not interested on this marriage working out. Wont speak to me, but claimed he would pay for the divorce, since this was "all his fault". 3 weeks later & no divoce paperwork has been filed, but he sends a text asking for my social security number so that he can finish his taxes. He took me for a ride & I want it annuled. He used me, misrepresented himself, his feelings & his intentions. How do I word that so that it doesnt sound so incredibly stupid & silly on my part?
Expert:  dkennedy replied 7 years ago.

Hello again,


I will give you some general examples of ways I would write these things down. You want it to sound a "bit" business-like, but also honestly list the ways he lied to you and you ended up "screwed" because of it.


"I was defrauded by Mr. XXX in the following ways:


Mr. XXX agreed to move to Tucson after the marriage, which would have been economically beneficial to me .......


I gave up my plans to ..... and relied on the promises made by Mr. XXX to my detriment.....


It was agreed that Mr. XXX and myself would pool our resources and that we would live together as a married couple, but almost immediately, he told me that was not true....."

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