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The only items listed on the bill is Discovery 194, Interrogatories,P

Customer Question

How long can the filing spouse drag out the divorce proceedings. He is an attorney, representing himself, I am disabled, (ssid married over 10 years paying me maintenance with nothing on paper) he does not do anything he says. So far it has been filed on May 2007. I have limited money (already paid 5000.00) and can not afford to pay my attorney anything more. He has wasted alot of money by doing and calling my attoney and wasting his time and not answering and providing me with information he says so that I can proceed as well as harrasing me. I am woried that he is trying to pull something and dont know how to come up with money to pay another attorney. My attorney is fed up with his stalling and incompent responses that he at one time tried to withdraw from the case. I also moved to another city in texas since Sept 2007. Is there a time limit and should I be concerned. PLEASE ADVISE


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Spring, Texas, Texas

Already Tried:
Doing Research, we have come up with agreements on settling but he never follows through. He will not provide me or my attorney in Plano with important documents that he filed (ie. tax returns without my signature, claims on maintenance, threats of repo my vehicle, waffles on amount where he wants to attach a note for some of the sum of maintenance, does not deposit funds agreed upon on monthly day, he is living free with his bestfriends family who is wealthy Doctor and feel is up to something), possible hiding funds doctor friend is only client, everyone is very leary and because of his past actions it is hard to have any faith in him he does not keep his word. He is not even taking care of his own business, filing mistakes work that is beyond belief from an attorney that has been in practice since 1994 (corporate bankruptcy). Mentally abuseive in emails to my attorney and to me, all documents I have kept up. I have cooperated with him fully with little hassle.

The only items listed on the bill is Discovery: 194, Interrogatories,Production of Documents, Counter Petition. All of which I have no idea what they are except that his discovery response which was produced 1 1/2 months later was incomplete, my attorney sent a letter stating he had issues with his answers: 1. The Interrogatories - you cannot notarize your own signature 2. Your objections to the Interrogatories and Production are unfounded and will be overruled in court and it was a mystery of his fighting and behavior of an antagonistic manner towards me when I suffer from health issues . (MS)

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  AttorneyKaren replied 8 years ago.
I would suggest that you need to have your attorney file for a trial date, take his deposition (with a request for a production of docs at the time of the depo), make a motion to to compel further responses for discovery (seek Sanctions for his uncooperative conduct), In other words be proactive in this case--you can move this along--have a meeting with your attorney and devise a trial plan to move this from its current status.
Hope this information helps you.
Good Luck,
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