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ex wife and 16yr old daughter hv left florida with exs boyfriend

Resolved Question:

ex wife and 16yr old daughter hv left florida with ex's boyfriend to live in costa rica without my consent i dont hv any address's or phone or anything they left aug 2008 i hv just found out i live in nevada and work outside the u.s.does florida hv jurisdiction still do i still pay child support and why what r my legal options dont want this to come back and haunt me i only hv email address they wont tell me anything else my son lives in calif and is almost 18 lives with my folks and is going to college so i hv been sending them 1/2 support monies what r my options what do i do
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 8 years ago.

DearCustomer- In order to terminate support you would have to file a motion with the court that issued the order. Simply the fact that she moved would not automatically stop support however you have a right to know the whereabouts of your child. I will assume that you were not very active in the day to day life of your daughter due to the distance involved so an argument that the mother cannot move might not be too effective.


It is, however, a violation of the custody and visitation order to not supply the address information for the child. You can also petition the child support agency for a correct address since they would have to have it in order to send payments. I'm not certain that your son has anything to do with any of this since you seem to know where he is living.


So, to answer your question, you must continue to pay support until the order is amended by the court which would require a motion on your part. You also have a right to know where your child is living and the fact that she was taken out of the country may be an additional reason for contempt. One problem you will have is that of jurisdiction. If they are in Costa Rica it will be difficult to get her into court.


The Florida court may be sympathetic to your argument and might just suspend the support. You never know until you try.


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