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My husband started living with another woman... and wants ...

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My husband started living with another woman... and wants to divorce me after 27 years of marriage...Most of the time I was a house wife (taking care of our 2 children-now adults)and started working just 1 year ago for a very small and unstable company. I'm not established as a specialist (although I have MSc in Chemistry), I luck a lot of skills, English is my second language (and my professional and conversational English is not very good). I have a great chance to loose this job (the project is ending) and very insecure chances to find another one..We moved in Atlanta in 2001 and It took me 6 years to find a job in my field. I worked for a little bit in TJMaxx and library -but as a parttimer...My husband works for a global company, w/ $110K salary (I have now $38K). We have debts ($50K) and house which is barely paid (still own $197K). I was told that I have a right to ask for a lifetime support (20% of his salary). Do you think its realistic?
Yes you have an execellent case for permanant alimony/spousal support due to the length of your marriage and his adultry and your being out of your field for so long. You should fight for it and if awarded he must pay until your remarry or pass away. If hired an attorney you really need to get one also.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. It's very encouraging.
But how can I get a lawyer now if I don't have money for it? (and it seems he's not going to agree for lifetime support, although mentioned about the possibility for some time -w/t going into details...) He offered to continue to pay for a mortgage (at the same time talking about selling it to me or buying it from me...)and pay for our debts. But to me it of course more important to have some support if I'm sick or unemployed in the future. Anyway do you think it would be better for me if I lost my job now? I'm so worrying...
And again, can I go to the court w/t lawyer? Can I pay by credit card?
It would not be better for you to lose your job unless the job just ends, but don't quit. You working shows that you are making the effort to use your abilities but the market is what controls your ability to support yourself and you need the support from your husband. You can go to court without a lawyer but I would not recommend that. You can pay a lawyer with a credit card or take out a small loan, and some attorneys will sue the spouse (your husband) to pay for your legal fees since you do not have the financial resources he has. Also you can search for legal aid in your area to find an attorney who works on a reduced fee basis.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks a lot. The last question: How much (maximum) do you think is reasonable to ask for support? Should it be one certan constant amount or flexible depending on the in a long term should it be reduced etc. or not? Do I have to agree on the lower standard of living?
I offered him that if I get support I'll help to pay for mortgage and debts...
Do you know if have right to ask for some of his miles (he travels a lot)? My mother still lives in Europe and I need to visit her sometimes and I might need to go there in the emergency cases...
$2000 per month would be a reasonable minimum. And it should be one certain amount but you can modify if it there is a substantial change in yours or his financial situation. You do not have to agree to a lower standard of living. In the long term it should not be reduced unless you agree to reduce it because you are making enough on your own. If he earned the miles while married they are a marital asset and you can claim your equitable share which would be close to half.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks a lot Shelley.
You are welcome.

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