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I have been with my husband for 28 years, married for 23.

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I have been with my husband for 28 years, married for 23. When we got married, we had a joint account, He has always made 2-3 times more money then me. He worked outside of the home and I worked at home as a foster parent . When I lost my job as a foster parent because of something stupid he did. He took all the money in our joint account and put it in a account in his name only. I was left with nothing. I did what I had to do to get by. Got a job and a car in my name and an account in my name. Was doing ok but not great. And life went on.

Last year he got sick and had to take an early retirement and disability. So he wanted to get an equity loan on the house to hold him over until his money started coming in. He had a saving account in his name with ten thousand in it, I told him I would only do it if together. He convinced me of it and I agreed. Bad move he never put my name on the saving account. Instead he opened a new account with a new bank. And I got stuck paying all the bills, I put him on my insurance at work and now they take out $125.00 a week from my check. All the money he gets goes into accounts I can''t touch.

He believes it''s his money and I have no right to it. No matter what I say it''s his money. The money he gets is direct deposit in to his accounts. So I don''t really know how mush he has or what he gets.

Yesterday a check came in the mail for over nine thousand. If I give this to him I am not going see any of this money. I have bills to pay and my car needs to be fixed, it''s been sitting in the drive way and I''ve been using my son''s truck to get back and forth to work. The money he gives me each month is barely enough to pay his bills. My question is can I put that money into our joint account and pay off some bills and fix my car. I don''t want to keep it all I just want to pay our bills.

Thanks for your question. You have some real problems here. The money that you asked about can certainly be deposited in a joint account probably without signature. It will be put in as a deposit only.

I would advise you to take all the funds after it hits the joint account and transfer it out of the account to one in your name. He's really wrong about all these funds that he says are his, usually funds/income accrued during marriage are considered community or shared assets.

The problem is that once they get in a single account even if they are joint it's harder to get them released. You really should consider leaving this guy. He has no sense of sharing anything. If you have control of the $9,00 you describe at the worst someday a divorce court rules that you have to give him a portion back but then the other funds you describe may be refunded to you as well.

I wouldn't trust this guy in the least, he has misused you time and again. Your thinking about him getting the money is right. You got the check and you shoudl put it to your use andpay whatever you need to pay. I hope this gives you some ideas in this matter..

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