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I sold a mobile home (Trailer) 4 months ago with an ...

Resolved Question:

I sold a mobile home (Trailer) 4 months ago with an agreement for the buyer to pay the balance monthly within 1 year, he hasnt paid me in 3 months and he hasnt paid the lot rent in 3 months, the neighbors recently called me and said that they were mouing euerything out of the house in a truck, i assumed he abanded the house they left it in a complete mess, so i spent 4 days cleaning it and found another buyer for the trailer but then i found out he is in jail and has been there since january. I had to catch up on the lot rent and pay for the repairs needed, my question is do i haue the right to sell it again, and what actions should i take.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 9 years ago.
What is the status of the tittle to the trailer and is there a listed lien on it. Was there any type of written agreement. Based on the information provided it would appear he is default on the contractual agreement. If the tittle is still in your name trailer wise then you would be within your rights as lien holder to repossess the trailer. You may want to have a lawyer review whatever agreement, title, payments, etc to better advise you on all that is involved. If you have previously notified him of being in default it would certainly help clarify the default. If so you should take any correspondence with you when you visit with an attorney. Repossessions can be tricky, sometimes it comes down to the terms of the agreement and how the trailer is titled and whether there is a lien on it. Thanks for the question and I wish you good luck in this matter..
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