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My husband and I have been separated for nearly 2 years.

Resolved Question:

My husband and I have been separated for nearly 2 years.   He agreed verbally to a dissolution for which I have already paid. However, he finds excuses to not follow through. He is an alcoholic; mentally and emotionally abusive; controlling and manipulative. I earn a decent income; however, I don''t have the means considering my financial situation to fork over another grand to file for a divorce. My attorney won''t pursue a divorce until paid in full. Absolutely nothing has been filed-not even a separation agreement or child support agreement. I am stuck. Are there any alternatives to my situation?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Walter replied 9 years ago.


You have a couple options, one is to file on your own by purchasing a form software or by searching for free forms. The software programs will walk you though the full process and are reasonably priced. (I will include a link for a site that offers software forms).

Another option is to file for child support to start that and free up some of your resources to file for divorce. If the children are still under the age of 18 then you can take him for child support. The chances of getting back child support (Or getting the support retroactive) is slim but a possibility.

Your first step is to go to your local Child Support Enforcement Agency and asking for services. This is normally free but if your income is high they may request a 25.00 fee.

They will give you a packet to fill out you can give them his social security number and any other information you have. As for the address while this is helpful it is not a must have thing. They can track him though his social security number. Fill the packet out and return it. They will get in touch with him and set up a hearing to establish support amounts and then the judge will court order it. At which time they can either garnish his wages or allow him to pay by check (Garnishment is much more common).

They will then send the money to you each month in the form of a check or though a child support debut card.

It is not difficult and they can help you.

Here is the link for the software programs for divorce:

Home Page


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