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My cousin in Sicily has been diagnosed with accommodative

Customer Question

My cousin in Sicily has been diagnosed with accommodative spasms of both eyes with his ciliary muscle stuck/cramped causing issues with his near vision. This has caused him to not be able to finish university. The DR's in Sicily cannot figure out a solution. He will be coming to America in October to seek help and a solution. Can anyone tell me where i should start with a DR for him or any recommendations. Is this something you have heard of before? Any advice or recommendations would be helpful.
Here are the details.
They are hyperopic and astigmatic.
Dynamically, without cycloplegic, I have the following values:
OD: Sf +3.50 +2.50 Cyl axis 60
OS: Sf +3.75 +2.75 Cyl axis 120
While in cycloplegia my hyperopia increases to 4.50.
I have worn glasses for the first time at the age of 18 years and I took a 2-degree correction of hyperopia and 2 degrees of astigmatism.
Are hyperopic, cycloplegic of 5 diopters, nevertheless, now I can not tolerate, endure regularly wore glasses before.
The diagnosis, in Italy, was accommodative spasm, contraction, perennial and constant, of the ciliary muscle through the accommodation.
A Cramp of the ciliary muscle that got stuck, fixed for near vision.
Contraction that does not melt, as normally happens, even with the use of the lenses I am the son of a doctor, I have performed several tests, visual field, oct, MRI blood tests, all negative.
C 'is this contraction of the ciliary muscle that has lasted four years, with untold anguish on the university and corporate level.
Visited by several ophthalmologists, they prescribed me different gradations of glasses, from 0.50 to 3.50 with the result of having 8 pairs of glasses but never good vision with no lens.
I tried to press for several months with stronger correction of hyperopia (2.50,2.75 3.25) but that cramp you can not solve, the muscle remains the contract, does not explain why, and I know not to give any alternative solution.
I was diagnosed with excessive accommodation defined in the report accommodative spasm.
I have been told that I exploit my entire accommodation for far vision, and I remain free in near vision, in fact, if I put a degree of hyperopia distance vision is seriously impaired, in fact, I see bad I feel nauseous, dizzy, disruption, the images are blurred.
I was told that my eye will not tolerate any hypermetropic correction because in a constant state of contraction of the ciliary muscle, as if it was blocked again for near vision, but I is not no cure has been provided.
With the result that from a distance the eye through the accommodation, retrieves 4:50 degrees and no longer tolerates any optical correction, even a diopter.
Even from far away, however I have not always a good vision (visual acuity I varies depending on the lighting conditions) and I have enormous difficulty in near vision, where also the eye prefers to do with low corrections and then get tired after a few minutes and refuses corrections strongest.
I have many floaters.
In Italy, the diagnosis was SPASM accommodative, an anomaly of focus.
The ciliary muscle is in a state of contraction relaxes, and not more. I see evil both distance and near Can you give me a solution to my problem?
Are you aware of how to act on this contraction so as to relax the ciliary muscle?
All have ruled eye diseases, I never had injuries, I conducted tests of a second level which, OCT, visual field, erg, BCE, MRI, all negative!
But to me this situation entails enormous difficulties in terms of academic and social level.
What do you recommend to relax this muscle and which may be the cause of this perennial contraction?
There is a technical method, or a drug?
I recently discovered that you have a sore tooth occlusion, called deep bite and cross bite, caused by a treatment of an orthodontic appliance mistake I led for 5 years.
Now because of a medical error of the dentist I have a mouth block, the temporo mandibular is blocked There is a correlation, a link between poor dental occlusion and commissioning problems on eye?
There is a link between the muscles of the mouth and the eye muscles responsible for focus?
Thank you in advance for your response
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 9 months ago.


Traditional opthalmologists are not going to necessarily deal with "accomodative spasm."

The best treatment is vision therapy.

In other words , behavioral optometry.

Here are some resources

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