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Is it ok to take hydrocodone after a TIA? Recently may have

Customer Question

Is it ok to take hydrocodone after a TIA? Recently may have had very 1st ever of sudden TIA incident after lying down for TV - lasted approx 1 hour / no eye pbms or facial or direct limb, etc. No confusion, stomach issues, etc. or other associated pbms. Capable of thinking thru complex riddles & poems memorized, etc. Only symptom was a sudden funny feeling of weakness causing wobbly legs. Take low doseage of Atenol & Levothyroxin & B-12 & - since this weekend - soy-based protein powder (am somewhat alergic to soy). Also spent several days lounging ((vacation, watching tv) & eating horribly! Today's exclusive foodintake was highcholesterol - high consumption of versharp cheddar-candy-chips, etc. NO real food! High consumption of drinking milk. Also - have been out of all meds for past 3 days -was to pick them up today. Hydrocodone is badly needed for shoulder replacement surgery required -past auto wreck totaled new car/BROKE 7 ribs, punctured lung, broke collar bone (required 2 surgeries & caused current advanced deterioration of shoulder cartilage). That's about it! Am otherwise healthy & able & at age 75 still working part time. Only real problem is much constant shoulder pain, thus requiring hydrocodone treatment available - otherwise very independent. Thx for reply.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Abid replied 1 year ago.
Hi there ...Thank you for the question ...In reality Hydrocodone under recommended dosage is not contraindication in TIA .This can be used for pain control in TIA when pain is not bearable .So you can use it for shoulder pain . Regards ***** ***** luck .Please leave positive feedback for me .Thanks .