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Dr. Tom
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My husband has a been having pain in his right eye for the

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My husband has a been having pain in his right eye for the last week or so. His eye waters and is some what bloodshot. And he states on occassion he sees flashes of light. I looke into the eye and at the center top of his iris there is what looks like a "dent". He does have a lens implant in his eye. Is it possible for the implant to be dilodged? Where do we go to find out what the problem is, local ER or eye doctor?

Dr. Tom : Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question.I understand what you are asking. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom

thank you

Dr. Tom :

From your posting I see that you are concerned . Let me make couple of comments and then we can have a conversation. Is that all right with you?



Dr. Tom :

Starting with the first part of your posting. You said that your husband's eye watered and was bloodshot and painful. Then a little bit later you said you saw what looked like a "dent". These symptoms typically come from problems with the surface of the eye, specifically problems with the tear film. Dry eye syndrome can do this, but the dent might be a beginning of a small corneal ulcer......... however the additional problem that he has with the flashing of lights is not typically associated with corneal problems and could represent something happening in the vitreous or retina........ then you questioned if it was possible that the implant had become dislodged,,,,,,, no, I really don't think that is part of this problem. And to answer your last question, it would be much more appropriate for you to find an ophthalmologist to examine your husband. Physicians in the emergency room are not trained to go into the depth of examination that is required based on your husband's symptoms does that make sense?


yes it does make sense. so because it is the weekend what measures can i take to ease the pain until i can see an opthalmologist

Dr. Tom :

That's a good question, so let's go back to the underlying problem that is causing the redness. Symptomatic relief can be achieved using frequent over-the-counter artificial teardrops and ointments. Many people Start out by getting a bottle of Systane and putting several drops in the eye every three or four hours. A lubricant, such as Lacrilube, applied three times a day gives even more superficial coverage to the eye. Also cold compresses in the form of a wash rag soaked in a nice water bath held to the eye can be very comforting. May I answer any other questions for you this morning?


no that will be all. thank you very much for your help

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