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Falling from a stand-still vehicle, (SVU Nissan)front passenger

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Falling from a stand-still vehicle, (SVU Nissan)front passenger side hitting left side of temporal area X 4 days ago. Individual sustained a Left black purplish in color. Has not c/o headaches, no nausea, nor blurred vision. Should this individual still go to the doctor and have an MRI or CT to r/o any possible internal head traumas?

Dr. Tom : Hi, I'm online now and would be happy to help you with your question.I understand what you are asking. Just reply and we'll get started. Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom :

Good evening, may I ask a couple of additional questions to get us started?



Dr. Tom :

You mentioned that the injured person had not complained of headaches, nausea or any visual problems which is great. Has there been anything else that would suggest neurological damage, such as dizziness, changes in speech pattern or anything to suggest confusion. And the other question is is there any indication that the individual lost consciousness.


No loss of consciousness, no dizziness, no speech change, no confusion at the time of the fall, c/o headache initially gave some Ibuprofin (800mg) and had no further c/o headache, no blurred vision was noted. Just states that face area to the right side aches to touch (when washing face).

Dr. Tom :

Okay, thanks for that additional information The bruised area around the individual's left eye, in itself is nothing to be alarmed about if there has been no change in vision. But there is a concern with regard to the nature of the injury, which sounds as if the individual fell from a height sufficient enough to have potentially caused more problems than we are learning about. There are certainly many individuals who have what appears to be a relatively minor head injury that have slow bleeding into the brain. It may take time for symptoms to develop. While it may be inconvenient for the individual, a fall resulting in the type of head injury you have described warrants further evaluation. There is nothing in your description that suggest he should urgently go in, but the most prudent thing would be for him to call his family doctor tomorrow to be on the safe side. The problem is, without a proper physical examination, and knowing patients full medical history, it just is not safe to brush this aside. Does this seem reasonable and is there any thing further you would like to ask?


I am in total agreement, this will be read by the individual in question and should prompt this individual to seek an appointment to be further clinically evaluated to r/o any brain trauma. Thank you.

Dr. Tom :

Thanks for your question. You have done your friend a good service. I hope he will seek further evaluation. Why take a chance?

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Hi Delores

This is just to see how your friend has been getting along since our chat? Did you get him for further evaluation?

Please let me know if any new questions come up.

You can direct new questions to me personally if you liked my service.

Wishing for you and your friend the best of health,

Dr. Tom