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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Eye surgeon experienced in cataracts, glaucoma, retina & neuro-ophthalmology
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I have chronic itching and tearing in my right eye. always

Customer Question

I have chronic itching and tearing in my right eye. always only the right eye. my eye is not red. the itching comes and goes during the day.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 4 years ago.

Doctor DanB : Hello and thanks for your question. Does it itch in the corners primarily or more along the eyelid margin? Does it ever itch so bad you want to claw your eye out?
JACUSTOMER-8qu388ug- :

It itches primarily in the corner. only in the right eye. sometimes the itching is pretty bad. i had recurring reddness in the right eye a few years back and finally i diagnosed it myself as scleritis. after that i visited an opthalmologist and he agreed and then prescribed Efemoline. after using this, the reddness was gone after a day or two. this then reoccurred about 3 times with 2 to 3 months interval but it seems the broblem is gone now. I do suffer from IBS which is an outoimmune type of problem. I do not know if all of this is related.

Doctor DanB :

Have you tried any oral antihistamines for this?

Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 4 years ago.

I'm sorry we seemed to have had some issues with the chat session.

This does sound consistent with allergic conjunctivitis. First of all, it is important to control the eye's response to allergens and this would include taking an antihistamine drop; an OTC drop to use that works fairly well is called Ketotifen. If you try this and it helps but is not quite enough, or if you would rather start out with the most effective, comfortable drop, then you may do better with a prescription allergy drop called Pataday (olopatadine) which works very well. If this still isn't enough then it may be necessary to start an oral antihistamine such as Claritin (loratidine) or Zyrtec (cetirizine) (in addition to the drops) which you can buy over-the-counter. Lastly, cold compresses done several times/day can and will help the itching sensation and suppress the inflammation.

Does this make sense? Does this information help address your concerns? Do you have any other questions about this?

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