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Hello Im on my 3rd. Pair of glasses( it was time for a check

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Hello Im on my 3rd. Pair of glasses( it was time for a check up and I got 2 pairs.) The first pair that I had for a year after awhile made the skin on my nose have a burning sensation and if I kept them on skin would burn more then hurt and would start to give me a headache if I kept them on. They were metal frames and they switched the nose pads from one material to another. That Didnt work. The arms were plastic and never bothered me so this year I went will 2 pairs of all plastic glasses with plastic nose pieces. I ve hadthem only a week and both new pairs are doing the same thing !! Very frustrating ! Why could be the problem ? Who should I go see ? An optom. Or a opthomoligist ? Thank you.
It sounds to me that you are having problems with frames that have nose pads whether the frame is plastic or metal,is that correct.

I believe in your case ,you should go with a plastic frame without nosepads.

You should follow up with the optician that fit. you with the frames and have the optician address this issue.

Does this make sense.?

Feel free to use the box below if you have any other questions.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

dont understand your response. maybe i didnt explain well . ok my previous glasses had vinyl or sylicon ? nose area that you can take off of the glasses in which we tried both materials and both gave me that burning sensation. ok now my 2 recent pairs the part that sits on my nose is part of the glasses itself there is nothing to take on and off to try different materials and these 2 pairs are giving me that burning sensation on nose. eyes are fine my eyes dont bother me at all. just the skin on my nose where glasses sit. and they are loose not tight.

It is possible that you have a sensitivity to the plastic material used for the particular frames you have chosen. If necessary I would followup with a dermatologist that could evaluate this sensitivity for you. As well as returning to the optician that fit you with the frames and perhaps try a different frames. Sometimes it is trial and error in finding a frame material that does not cause this effect ,but a dermatologist could probably better evaluate this situation for you. Does this make sense. Thank you

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