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It feels like something is moving around in my eye, like I

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It feels like something is moving around in my eye, like I have contact lenses but don't and my stomach feels sick. No noticeable loss of vision. It started last night but more constant now do I need to get this checked out or can I wait to see if it goes away. Like my eye is twitching

eyesight2020 :

Hello, are you online?

eyesight2020 :

If this is a feeling like your eye is twitching,are you feeling it along the eyelids?

eyesight2020 :

These are spasms of the muscle of the eye/eyelid and are common.

eyesight2020 :

They can come and go away in a couple of days or they may even last for months.Although they are benign they can be brought on by stress,tiredness,dry eyes,eyestrain, caffeine and allergies to name a few causes.

eyesight2020 :

Almost all sudden onset twitching is benign,it is not a serious condition .It can be annoyong,so trying

eyesight2020 :

determine the cause may help to alleviate.As sudden as it came it may all of sudden go away.You may want for starts to try warm compressess or a benadryl, to help alleviate it.Also you may want to followup with your eye doctor to have him evaluate you.Any other questions feel free to leave a message in the box below.

eyesight2020 :

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It feel like something is moving in lower part of eye, like a contact lens is there but I do not wear contact lenses.


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So,the bottom of the eye like the eyelid itself?

Are you still online or available to chat.Just leave a message in tbe box below and I wiil return your answer later on.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is lower part of eye, could it be dry?? to cause this feeling like something is there?

It is possible that you may have gotten something in your eye,like an eye lash, that irritated the bottom part of your eye.So now you are getting a scratchy feeling as if something is in your eye and because of the irritation to your eye you are feeling that twitching sensation.If your eyes are on the dry side it is not uncommon to have a sandy gritty foreign body sensation as well as to have that twitching sensation. You may want to try rinsing your eye out with an eye wash such as collyrium eye wash by Bausch and Lomb.Also try using artificial tears like Optive. Of course it is recommended. that you folllow up with your eye doctor so he can give you a thorough evaluation. so he may further discuss these issues with you. Any other questions feel free to contact me. If this has helped a positive rating is appreciated.

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