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I was just diagnosed with hypothyroid. My blood tests came

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I was just diagnosed with hypothyroid. My blood tests came back with TSH 4.09 and TPO 339. After online research it appears to me to be Hashimotos hypothyroid. Before my thyroid diagnosis I went to two different ophthalmologists due to dry eyes, light sensitivity, eye pain and eye jumpyness. I was prescribed restasis for the dry eye, and everything else was normal from the eye exam. Except the first eye doctor said my eye sight was 20/20 while the second eye doctor said one of my eyes was 20/20 and the other eye needed a prescription since it was a little blurry. I am concerned my eye symptoms are a sign of thyroid eye disease. Do I need to see another eye doctor now that I have the thyroid diagnosis to check for thyroid eye disease? Is it ok to take the lowest does of synthroid and restatis together? Will synthroid decrease my eye symptoms and decrease the likelihood of the potential eye disease getting worse or developing? I am worried about going blind, is that possible with hypothryoid? Thanks!

Dr. Rick :

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Dr. Rick :

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If you were not examined by an ophthalmologist (eye MD) during your last eye exams it probably wouldn't hurt, given your recent diagnosis, to have another evaluation.

That being said, I do not believe that your current issues with dry eyes and slightly blurry vision are from thyroid eye disease (graves disease) as this condition is fairly rare. Just because you have thyroid problems does not mean you are going to have eye problems too.

Treatment of the thyroid problem with synthroid has no effect on graves disease. This is a separate issue that is related to antibody cross reaction to the tissues of your orbit and eye muscles and can even occur in the face of normal levels of thyroid hormone. Here is a good article from a very reliable source that discusses this issue in detail:

You do not have to worry about going blind from your thyroid disease or any possible secondary eye issues that you may ever have. Even people with severe Graves disease retain their vision with treatment.

Does this make sense to you?

I hope you are less worried now :)

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I did see an ophthalmologist when I had my eye exam and he did not seem to think anything was wrong. I just didnt know if he would now run different tests since I now know I have thyroid? Can I take restasis and synthroid together? Thanks!