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Woke up this morning, notice that my left I was entirerly bloody

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Woke up this morning, notice that my left I was entirerly bloody and if I pull up the to lid of the eye there seems to be a darker color mix in with the blood. then to top it off I sudently felt like I was going to vomit, my body got cold and hot, my head felt num and thae numnes ran all the way to my back. I also felt like I was about to black out. it was very scary. I went back to bed because I just had to strenght, Mom but an ice bag on my eye. My head seems to heard almost like a silent headiche. another thing the I noticed was that I could taste blood. this has never happen to me before. what could it be and should I go to a doctor for this or is this something that I can take care of over the counter.?

pippistrellodaqua :

I would go in to see the doctor. If possible try to get in with an ophthalmologist. As an optometrist I see patients who have some of these signs quite often, but being as how you have so many signs I would recommend that you be seen.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can it be possible that the sun can cause this? it just does not make sence because we had worked on the yard on sunday, it was really very hot that day and I get this condition now? could she be right? and it still would not explain the headech, but then I think that maybe it those explain the headech. mmm... I'm feeling a little better but my head still feels funny. and I feel like discomfort in my eye, I want to scratch but I don't dare. I will take your advice and go see an ophthalmologist. thank you.
Being outside may have caused the problem. Sometimes exposure to heat can cause headaches and discomfort. Itch could be from allergies or other irritation from things outdoors. The bloody taste and blood in the eye is my main concern. Best of luck to you.