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Dr. Rick
Dr. Rick, Board Certified MD
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Ophthalmology since 1994 with Retina sub-specialty interest
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my left eye was very painful last night so i took out my contact.

Customer Question

my left eye was very painful last night so i took out my contact. the eye is still very red and the eyelid is puffy. which doctor do i need to see?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Rick :

Hi. I'm online and happy to answer your question today.

Dr. Rick :

It is very possible that you have a corneal ulcer.

Dr. Rick :

And, to answer your question, you should see an ophthalmologist today. An optometrist really won't do, nor will your regular MD.

Dr. Rick :

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is the doctor who examined me for my contacts an ophthamalogist?


Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 4 years ago.
Do not delay in getting in to an ophthalmologist. If you do have a corneal ulcer waiting to start treatment will just make things worse. In some cases, with certain bacteria (such as pseudomonas aeruginosa) it can get much,much worse really fast....

Does this make sense to you?

It was a pleasure to assist you with your question. Please let me know if I can do anything else to help you in the future. Positive Feedback and/or Bonus is welcomed and appreciated.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to discuss pertaining to this issue.
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 4 years ago.
I'm not sure. Optometrists also do contacts. An ophthalmologist is a MD, and does eye surgery. An optometrist is an OD.

You can all and ask him. But if he is an optometrist and say's he can handle this issue.....don't believe him. I've seen too many disasters over the decades from optometrists "taking care of" corneal ulcers.

Dr. Rick and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 4 years ago.
I was just thinking about you and wondering how your eye was doing. Did you have a corneal ulcer, just an abrasion or what?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I tried to see an ophthamologist but could not get an appointment on the weekend. My eye got better on its own and I was finally able to wear my contact today (May 14). Thank you for your help. My eyesight is very important to me.

Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 4 years ago.
Good to hear from you :-)

Sorry about your problem getting in to see an ophthalmologist, but I'm glad that you are better and everything is OK

Whew! Dodged a bullet this time, eh?

Glad I could be of assistance. Let me know if I can help again someday. Take care and stay out of trouble ;)