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Dr-Trace, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Board Certified in General Ophthalmology
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Hi, I have post-concussion migraines and lately Ive had stabbing

Customer Question

Hi, I have post-concussion migraines and lately I've had stabbing pain in my eyes that would cause me to see halos around things and when looking at things (particularly writing), I'd see the words on top of the words and I can't focus... any clue?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr-Trace replied 4 years ago.

Dr-Trace :

Hi I am Dr. Trace and I am going to attempt to answer your question.

Dr-Trace :

Migraines can cause the symptoms you are describing. Halos and loss of letters or words on a page are classic for ocular migraines. The pain in your eyes is not consistent however. Sometimes corneal irritation and dryness can cause stabbing pain in your eyes and slight blurriness. you can try lubricating your eyes with artificial tear solutions purchased over the counter but if your symptoms do not resolve within a day or so, I would check with an ophthalmologist.

Dr-Trace :

You should have a full exam including a pressure check in your eyes and dilated fundus examination.

Dr-Trace :

I hope this helps.

Dr-Trace :

Dr. T

JACUSTOMER-ehom2p0g- : I've done that. Dr's say nothing is wrong with eyes.
Dr-Trace :

Then this is most likely associated with ophthalmic migraine. If the symptoms happen, I would try to lie in a dark room and attempt to sleep if possible at least for a few minutes. Sleep is one of the best natural cures for an acute migraine. If the symptoms do not resolve, then you should see an neurologist who specializes in short term migraine relief. You may not require treatment for a long period since your migraines are triggered post-concussion, but medications can help.

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