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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
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Experience:  Board Certified & Fellowship trained eye surgeon.
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I woke in the morning with a big red spot in my left eye. I

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I woke in the morning with a big red spot in my left eye. I currently taking Lisinopril for my high blood pressure. Could that make that red spot in my eye?

Dr. Susan :

Are you available to chat?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i am here right now

You have what is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Please let me explain.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

what needs to be done about? is this pink eye?

The following can occasionally result in a spontaneous subconjunctival hemorrhage:

  • sneezing,
  • coughing
  • straining
  • eye rubbing
  • Trauma
  • high blood pressure
  • bleeding disorder

A subconjunctival hemorrhage is caused by a small broken vessel in the eye. It is not pink eye if you dont have any itching or tearing. Pink eye is usually irritation 5-7 days after having a cold or upper respiratory infection.


This bruise takes 3-5 days to clear. If you are irritated, please use artificial tears 3-4 times per day.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can clarify got you

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i just want to make sure i don't need to go to the ER. so if my eye gets any worse want should i do?

If it is a bright red spot in one localized area of your eye- then it is it what I have described. A subconjunctival hemorrhage looks a lot worse than it really is. It may spread a get a bit larger today because of gravity or the blood breaking up. Rest assured, it is benign. No need to go to the ER and sit there for hours.


If you develop itching, tearing, diffuse redness, change in vision may indicate something other than a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Then a visit to the eye specialist or ER will be necessary.



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