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unexplained vision loss in his left eye..neurological..his right eye

Customer Question

My husband, Randall, was diagnosed by a opthalmologist, 2/10/2011, with unexplained vision loss in his left eye. The Dr. referred him to a neurological opthamologist and set the "earlest" appointment on March 22, 2011. Even with (corrective vision) glasses the best his left eye will be is 20/60, and his right eye will be 20/20. He is a heathly 53 year old with no headaches or history of "lazy eye". The Dr. referred to him as a "mystery" patient. Any ideas what could cause this? Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX (concerned wife of 26 years!)
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 6 years ago.

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Expert:  Dr. PG replied 6 years ago.


Kindly give some more information regarding your question-

- when did he have sudden loss of vision?

- was the vision loss associated with any other symptoms like giddiness, headache etc at that time?

- has the vision further deteriorated after the loss of vision?

- was his vision normal in both eyes (on an eye examination), before the sudden loss vision?

- is he on any medicines?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Randall had one perfectly near sighted eye and one perfectly far sighted eye. He did not notice any sudden loss of vision, seems to have occurred within the last 6 to 10 months and there seems to be a loss of color intensity and very sensitve to "glare"...he does not have any other symptoms like "giddiness or headaches" he is however, being treated for high blood pressure-presribed 150 mg per day of Avapro with a well maintained blood pressure and high Tryglycerides treated w/fish oil and Tricor, yet, still runs high. He is also an avid scuba diver and has recently moved into a new office where, there may be chinese drywall installed-we are waiting for verification of this (his entire office is having different concerns). Please let us know what you think. Thank you, Virginia Grantham

Expert:  Dr. PG replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for the information.

can you let me know which eye is far sighted and which is near sighted? Was he using corrective glasses previously?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The best info my husband could come up with is: The left eye used to be able to focus on distance (not anymore!) and the right eye is better for reading and up close focus...Please let me know if that helps! Sorry, for the delay in responding-I work nights and he works days...any information would be helpful before his appt with the neuro-opthamolagist in March...


Virginia Grantham

Expert:  Dr. PG replied 6 years ago.

Given the description of symptoms there are various possibilities in your husband's case can be -

- Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy - this can cause sudden loss of vision in the affected eye, but usually is associated with some swelling of the optic nerve of the eye. The causes can be varied like vasculitis etc, which would need to be investigated

- optic neuropathy caused by diseases like multiple sclerosis.

- branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO)- loss of blood supply to part of the retina of the eye

- rarely it might be a first sign of a lesion or mass in the brain pressing of the optic nerve.

He needs to be investigated in detail to rule out the above possibilities. Since he has been evaluated by an ophthalmologist, possibilities like BRAO, anterior ischemic optic neuropathy can be ruled out. His Neurologist would need to run some blood tests and may be do a CT scan of the brain to reach the correct diagnosis before starting treatment.