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Dr. Rick
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Hello ! Every morning when I wake ( with my face in pillow

Resolved Question:

Hello !
Every morning when I wake ( with my face in pillow ) and I open my left eye ... nothing but clear vision. If I open with my right eye-only ( with left part of face in pillow ) the whole wall ( in the right eye-only vision ) is green with hundreds of red roundish-square spots. As I stare at the wall ( light beige ) the pattern disappears. At first I thought I was dreaming, but it is happening all the time now when I wake. Should I be concerned ? Thanks much for any help. No history of migraines. p.s. this is my "good" eye that has a much lighter eyeglass lens than my left eye. This started about a month ago. Just in right eye only.
Thank you.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 6 years ago.

Dr. Rick :

Hi. I can help you today.

Dr. Rick :

So, let me make sure I understand you. The eye that has been mashed down in the pillow is the eye with the green/round/square spots and the other eye -- that was not in the pillow, is fine? Did I get that right? Also, do you wear plus powered glasses (hyperopia) or negative powered glasses (myopia)? Any medical problems, take any meds, or have any other symptoms?

JACUSTOMER-39m1926d- :

Noooo ........ the eye that is in pillow is fine. That leaves one eye exposed when I wake. The exposed eye -if my left one - is fine - clear vision. It is when the left side of my face is in the pillow and the right eye is exposed - that is when the probs occur. If I wake with both eyes opening at the same time-all is well. Just when exposed right eye opens first - then the pattern on the wall which disappears after a few seconds. This is soooo bizarre !! I have bifocals - for distance and reading but am not wearing them when awakening. Have controlled high blood pressure - taking two meds for that - a potassium supplement - calcium supplement - and synthroid for hypothyroidism. Also take temazepam for sleep. I have been taking these meds for years - no probs. This all started a month ago. Oh, one last thing - my right eye has been blurring in and out for about two years. Nothing found at last eye exam - 12 months ago. Just a quick blur - then all is well. Happens so much I don't even notice it anymore unless I am focusing on something. Continued from last eyeglasses and new lenses. Not extremely bothersome. Hope this info helps ! : )

Dr. Rick :

Ok. Thanks for helping me to get the facts straight. You are right....this is weird, but interesting......

Dr. Rick :

I have to wonder...why would everything be fine when you open both eyes at once? I have to think of something that connects the eyes. One thing that comes to mind, especially when you talk about that eye blurring in and out quickly for a few years is some type of accommodation problem.

Dr. Rick :

The chat system is acting up since you are not online. I'm going to switch to the Q&A mode but we can still "chat" if needed, it's just a little bit slower....

Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 6 years ago.
As to the pattern and colors on the wall when you wake up that could be caused by increased intraocular pressure that occurs while you are asleep, a type of intermittent angle closure glaucoma.

To better evaluate things I would suggest a complete eye examination by an ophthalmologist. During the exam it would be helpful to do a dry and then a "wet" refraction to unmask any hidden hyperopia (which can cause the in and out blurriness you talked about) as well as gonioscopy ( to evaluate for possible occludable angles that can lead to intermittent angle closure and the colors/specks on the wall).

It is notable that hyperopia and angle closure glaucoma can sometimes go hand in hand and therefor could, possibly, address both of your symptoms.

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