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Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz
Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Glaucoma Specialist, Associate Professor FAU, Teaching Faculty Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
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Its rare but now and again everything I look at that is white

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Its rare but now and again everything I look at that is white goes pink. It lasts 1 minute and then fades back to white. I work in a very bright office with south facing light, I work from 3 screens ( fx broker) I have my eyes tested every year, last time 6 momths ago. Full test no problems. I have worn specs since the age of 12 I am now 65

From your initial description, I do not think this is anything serious. I assume based on your age that you have not yet had cataract surgery. However, you may have some changes in your lens, that although not symptomatic in terms of your visual acuity, may be causing some difference in color perception. Why is it intermittent? It may depend on ambient lighting conditions and pupil size. It is normal for colors to appear different after staring at a bright light. This is from a "bleaching" of the photoreceptors in your retina, a temporary phenomenon. That is why you still see spots in front of your eyes even when they are closed after staring at a bright light. Maybe the bright conditions in your office, especially the computer screens, are responsible for this type of phenomenon. Things I would watch for: a decrease in vision; a graying out of your vision, in one or both eyes, that last anything more that a few seconds; a curtain over part or all of your vision; flashing lights or a sudden increase in spots or "floaters" in front of your eyes. If you develop these symptoms I would have it evaluated. Otherwise, I do no think this indicative of a problem that merits immediate attention.



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