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eyes, causing massive swelling to the whole eye

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My wife has an alergic reaction to the eyes, causing massive swelling to the whole eye. It has gone to both at this point. We dont know what caused it. hOWEVER THERE WAS SOME GRASS CLIPPING FLOATING IN THE BABY POOL WHERE SHE DIPPED HE BANDANA IN TO COOL HER FACE. We have tryed natural tears and murrine eye drops hot and cold compresses. It still has her eyes inflamed. We have no insurace or medical coverage. WHAT SHOULD WE DO? We know its not a stye and we know there is nothing in the eye. Please help!

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To significantly resolve this problem of ocular allergic conjunctivitis I suggest that she use over the counter Sedater eye drop or Naphcon-A eye drop 4 time daily for 1 week, OTC Zyretc or Claritin 1 pill daily, while continuing with the hot compresses 2-3 times daily and the Natural tears 2-4 times as needed for comfort. If this fails to significantly resolve in 1 week or worsen at any time, then I suggest that you follow-up in the urgent care or with your eye doctor for closer evaluation.

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