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I have a significant swelling on my upper eyelid. Started with

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I have a significant swelling on my upper eyelid. Started with a white pimple and has grown rapidly in the last few days. Is affecting my vision. Hurts a little. All the drs. want to do is operate. No one recommended an antibiotic cream or anything to try first....any ideas? Would it hurt to try Benedryl? I have high blood pressure. Thanks

Hello JACUSTOMER-ys5pvpx,


Swelling in the upper eyelid can represent may things. One is an infection (cellulitis) of the tissue, usually as an extension from a sinus infection. Another is a chalazion (large pimple). Another is an allergic reaction.


If it is an infection, then an oral antibiotics like Keflex would take care of it. If it is a chalazion, 75% will resolve with lots of heat. I usually have patients put hot compresses over the lesion 3-4x/day. After 1-2 weeks, if it hasn't resolved, I would recommend surgery. Sometimes, a chalazion can cause a cellulitis as well. For this, I also add Keflex. For allergies, benadryl, cool compresses, and/or medrol dose pack would help (but if you have seen a doctor, he would be able to tell you if it is allergies or not - if not, benadryl won't help).


Hope this helps and good luck.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I discovered what I assumed was a white head in the corner of my left eye. Swelling began a day or so later. Could this also be the result of an insect bite? Had CT scan. Vision in that eye good but when both eyes in use see some doublevision.........



I could be from an insect bite. But a chalazion can come to a white head (just like a pimple) as well. Sounds like you may need some oral antibiotics. I would also try the warm compresses for a week before opting for surgery.


Hope this helps and thank you

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