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My left eye has a gray elliptical spot in lower left quandrant

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My left eye has a gray elliptical spot in lower left quandrant that appears when I wake up to light. It disappers after a few seconds. If I go out in very bright sunlight it reappears and then creates a new spot each time I blink until I can't see out of that eye for a brief ( a few seconds) time. Also about the same time this started (6 months ago) my left eye and only left "stings" when I get water in it and will get a scaly patch on bottom eyelid and corner of eye. Psoriasis of the eye? Fungal infection?

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It is likely that you are experiencing the symptom of dry cornea or posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). If this is due to dry cornea as suggested by the changing spot with blinking then, I suggest that you resolve this by using preservative free drop such as Refresh or Genteal drop 4 times daily, and the gel at bedtime. On the other hand, if this is due to PVD, then it is due to the melting of pockets of the clear gel (vitreous) inside the eye. This is common with age, and not harmful. However, if it becomes severe and obstruct your vision, then the retinal eye doctor may decide to surgically remove the melted vitreous. At this time, it does not appear to be significantly affecting your vision. The first step would be to use the tear drops for 1 week, and it fails to significantly resolve the problem then I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for closer evaluation.

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