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My left eye is itchy, red, watery, and feels like there is

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My left eye is itchy, red, watery, and feels like there is something in it. I have been to the doctor twice already about this, and tried antibiotic drops and patanol without success. After about 2 weeks it went away for 6 days, and is now back again.

Welcome to Just Answer:

It is likely that you are experiencing the symptoms of severe dry eyes, not caused by allergy, but also related to blepahritis or meibomitis of the eyelashes. This tends to be resistant to treat with regular ocular allergy drops, topical antibiotics and /or tear drops. It usually needs treatment with oral doxycycline 100 mg twice daily for 14 days, then topical Zylet (containing tobramycin and lotemax) 4 times daily for 1 week, eyelid hygiene with diluted baby shampoo and warm compresses twice daily, and preservative free tear drop such as Refresh or Genteal drop every 4 hours while awake. I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for closer evaluation to consider this approach. You can later add Patanol once or twice daily for maintenance after the eyes are quiet.

Please, feel free to clarify any further question(s). I'm here to assist you to your satisfaction.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Dr. Stan, thanks for taking the time to answer me.

I'm wondering about doxycycline - isn't it an antibiotic? If this is not a bacterial infection, why would I need that?

I went to doctor again this morning and he said he is "sure" it's an allergy. He prescribed a "stronger" allergy drop - zatidor (ketotifen fumarate) 0.25%. I also started with the warm compresses & baby shampoo washes yesterday. Not sure which is helping or just a coincidence, but it does feel better this afternoon. I have left a message with an eye clinic to try to see somebody there as well.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Actually, the use of doxycycline to treat dry eyes/corneal due to eyelid inflammation (blephritis) is common. It is common that bacterial present on the eyelid/lashes cause the accumulation of dirt particles which ultimately sticks to the cornea. The doxycycline removes such bacteria, in addition to its anti-inflammatory effect and helping to restore the normal tear formation and composition which was disrupted by inflammation of the eyelids (blephritis). This is really the current and effective treatment approach for blephritis to add doxycycline. Yes, allergy can start blephritis, but often there is some bacteria component. You should still use Zaditor, addition of doxycycline will make a significant difference. I'm sure you doctor would not object to prescribing it for you.

Please, feel free to clarify any further question(s). I'm here to assist you to your satisfaction.

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