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Hi , I hit my head on a safe door 12 days ago and for a day

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Hi , I hit my head on a safe door 12 days ago and for a day or two I had a problem with uneven pupil size. Since then my pupils have returned to normal size and seem to be ok. I have had no nausea or headache I have no slurred speach or confusion and I did not loose conciousness after the injury. 7 days ago I slightly hit the side of a soda cooler with my head and it hurt for a few minutes but then subsided. IM having a bit of an anxeity attack right now reading all the problems that can cause uneven pupil size. If it was serious injury the pupils would not have returned to normal size would they?

hello there

when you initially hit your head, where exactly did you hit ? was it near the eye or on the socket ? how exactly was the pupil size different? did it react to light ? Currently, do you have any double vision ? any headaches ? any blurred vision ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I hit it in the center of my forehead on the corner of the door while I was bending over to pick something up. No headaches to speak of but some phantom pains around the left eye. My right pupil was normal size and the left was very small as if a light was shined in it. No double vision but I believe an anxiety percieved numbness near the top left side of my head. As for dilation I believe the right did but the left didn't for about 12 hours.


Hello again

we worry about pupil abnormalities as they can be a sign of pressure on the 3rd nerve (typically from blood in the head or pressure from adjacent structures). The 3rd nerve controls pupil constriction as well as eye movements in the same eye. However, in ominous conditions, the involved "bad" pupil becomes large (dilated) and poorly reactive. In your case, the smaller pupil probably meant some mild transient inflammation in the eye causing the pupil to shrink. Furthermore, as you stated, things that cause a dilated pupil in dangerous occurrences dont just get better on their own. Also lack of double vision all along is reassuring for the lack of damage. From your description, there is little to worry about. If you keep getting headaches or any dizziness or just need reassurance, get in with your doc who can check you out more thoroughly, I wish you well, Dr. Stevens

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

One last thing before I say goodnight Doctor Stevens. I've noticed that my left pupil is still slightly smaller than the right, but it appears to be dilating normally perhaps a bit slower than the right. If this indicated a serious injury to my brain it would have shown more dramatic symptoms before now and would not have returned to normal size and dilation correct? Thank You for you professional opinion Dr. Stevens.


A pupil that is up to 1mm different in size from the other pupil is considered to be normal, we call it physiologic anisocoria. And you are correct, pupil abnormalities are typically seen with severe rise in intracranial pressure or brain swelling. You are not experiencing that at all if you are able to sit and stand and type questions on Just Answer :) I wish you well, Dr. Stevens

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