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About 3 weeks ago I experienced severe vision impairment in

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About 3 weeks ago I experienced severe vision impairment in my right eye. The diagnosis I received was my over use of contact lens and depriving my pupils of oxygen. Is there a cure!!

Hello Customer,



You have probably developed corneal neovascularization as a result of corneal hypoxia due to contact lens wear. Deep neovascularization of corneal stroma is a serious issue. The primary treatment is to remove the underlying cause. You should avoid contact lens wear. Even if you do, you should go for less tight fitting with higher oxygen permeable lenses. Topical steroid drops are used in this condition. If this fails , a new treatment comprisng topical or sub-conjunctival bevacizumab in combination with superficial keratectomy can be considered. In very severe cases corneal transplantation can be considered. You should see a cornea specialist. Thanks and best wishes.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I assume the Topical Steroids Shrink the blood vessels, is that true? Is the Keratotomy a laser treatment?

I am located in Southern California, I assume I am looking for an Ophthalmologist that is a Cornea Specialist. Where do I get a listing of exceptional specialist in my area.

Steroids help to reduce inflammation which causes neovascularization i.e formation of new blood vessels. Superficial keratectomy means removal of the corneal epithelium and anterior stroma which are the anterior layers in cornea. It is a surgical procedure. Cornea specialist is an ophthalmologist who has further sub-specialized in cornea. You can search for cornea specialists in your area on the net. If you are unable to do that then tell me your complete address, I will try to do it for you. You can go to an eye hospital. A cornea specialist is usually there in a big eye hospital. Thanks and best wishes.






You can go Inland eye specialists. They have cornea specialists and based in California. You can follow this link to know their contact detailss - I hope, it helps. Thanks.







Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My address is,XXXXXin Irvine, CA 92615

Inland eye specialists have cornea specialists and they are in California. Is that far from your place? It is a big eye hospital so if possible, you should go there. If not then let me know. Thanks.



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