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I have been having problems with my right eye for the last

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I have been having problems with my right eye for the last 4 days I woke up wed morning and the vision in my right eye was subjected to lots of tiny specks and dark lines across my line of vision . it was no problem with my left . I visited a doctor yesterday and he said he had never came across the problem before . the eye has a bit more fluid around it then normal .there is no apparent discomfort but I am a bit concerned about it .thank you . John

Did you see an eye doctor yesterday or your primary care doctor?
Do you see any flashes of lights?
Any change in vision besides the tiny specks?
What color are the specks?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I seen a general practitioner yesterday .I did experience flashes of lights for a short while on thursday night for aprox 1 hr in the far right corner of my eye . there are lines in the centre as well as the specks which are black . when I close my eye the specks are not visible but a pink glow appears around the lines . the lines appear like a rough circle which changes it shape continuously.

I believe the blacks specks and lines in your eye is due to bleeding inside your eye. This is caused by a PVD, a common event in many people. A PVD is a "posterior vitreous detachment". The thick gel in your eyes liquifies over time. It can collapse on itself and pull away from the walls of the eye. When it pulls away from the eye, it may tug on a blood vessels as well, causing the bleeding in your eye.

A PVD associated with bleeding has a high likelihood of a tear in the retina. It is important you see an ophthalmologist on Monday for a dilated exam. Sleep with your head about 45 degrees to allow the blood to settle. This will allow your ophthalmologist a better view of the retina. If there are any tears or holes, a laser procedure is recommend to seal the hole. The blood will reabsorb with time.

If you notice a sudden increase in floaters, flashes of light (like a lightening storm), or a shadow/veil in the periphery of your vision, this can be worrisome for a retinal detachment. You would need to contact your ophthalmologist promptly in that case. If one is not available over the weekend, you many need evaluation in the emergency room with an ophthalmologist on call.

Remember to press the green accept button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Best wishes to you. Feel free to ask any additional questions.
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