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I was told that I have a small hole behind my retina. I have

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I was told that I have a small hole behind my retina. I have a hx of
floaters due to sarcoidois, however, last year I was treated with prednsione
drops and haven't had floaters in a year, I went for routine yearly exam with
opthomologist and was told about the hole behind the retina. I have no symptoms. He wants to laser the hold so that it will form scar tissue around
the hole. Should I get this treated, or wait since I'm asymtomatic, I was
never told that I had a hole behind the retina by my previous optomologist where I lived prior to moving to new area. Should I get a second opinion, is
this common, I'm 62 years old and in reasonably good health, I'm not a diabetic, and my sarcoidois is in remission. Thank you.

Hello there

often retinal holes and tears are found on routine exam. If you have no symptoms (new floaters, flashing lights) you can typically avoid laser treatment. Some people elect to have it done to be on the safe side. My suggestion is to get a second opinion and see what the recommendation is, as sometimes depending on the size and appearance, laser may be indicated. Laser is fairly safe and is straightforward in-office procedure. I wish you well, Dr. Stevens

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