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A decorative metal hook hit my eye very quickly. My left eyesight

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A decorative metal hook hit my eye very quickly. My left eyesight was unfocused for about an hour and now, 5 hours later, my sight is still blurry and I noticed that a small pool of blood is forming near my iris. Is this an extreme emergency or can I wait till the morning to see my eye doctor? Is the blood bruising?

It could be an extreme emergency. It looks like you have blood inside the eye called hyphaema. The eye pressure could be raised and there could be inflammation in the eye. High pressure amy damage the optic nerve. I would advise you to see an ophthalmologist as early as possible and not take any chances. Thanks.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It's almost midnight where I am-do you advise I go to the emergency room or wait for early morning to see my doctor. What damage can this pressure do to my eye?

Blunt trauma can cause damage to eye right from tne anterior part to the posterior part. An examination is extremely important to assess what damage has been caused. From your description, it looks as if there is blood in the anterior chamber called hyphaema. The vison is blurred which could be due to raised eye pressure(can damage the optic nerve and can cause irreversible loss of vision), blood or inflammation. With these findings it is important that you see an ophthalmologist as early as possible. There could be other problems as well which can be seen only after an examination. A few hours may not cause any firther harm but it would be best to see an ophthalmologist as early as possible. You should go the ER. Thanks.








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