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Dr. James
Dr. James, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
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I have a bruised eyelid. What could cause this?

My left upper eyelid suddenly... Show More
My left upper eyelid suddenly has a very dark purple/blue bruise starting near the inner corner and extending about halfway across the lid. I don't recall bumping or even rubbing my eye, or doing anything else to strain it. What might be the cause of this bruising? Might it be a sign of anything serious? What will make the bruise heal more quickly? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
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replied 7 years ago.

Are you on any blood thinners (Aspirin, plavix, coumadin)?
Do you have any pain?
Any change in vision?
Any double vision?

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.

I do not regularly take any blood thinning medicines, but I took an Advil yesterday for a headache, which occurred with some heartburn and nausea. I do not normally have such symptoms, and did not have them today. My eyelid feels slightly sore but not very painful. My vision does not seem any different than usual.

Dr. James, Board Certified Ophthalmologist replied 7 years ago.

You likely just have a bruise as you mentioned. The eyelid skin is very thin and a small blood vessel could have easily broken, sometimes even with a slight eye rub. Like most bruises, it will take 5-7 days to resolve. The upper and lower eyelids are connected, so don't be alarmed if you notice the bruising tracking down to the lower eyelid. Cold compress may help to limit any swelling the first day, but it should resolve on its own. Unfortunately, there are not many remedies to help it improve faster. There should not be any problems wearing makeup however.

If you notice the bleed getting worse, eyelid swollen shut, pain, double vision, or decreased vision, it is advisable to seek medical attention.