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Dr. Stevens
Dr. Stevens, Ophthalmologist
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hello, i had an episode of optic neuritis 5 1/2 years ago in

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hello, i had an episode of optic neuritis 5 1/2 years ago in my right eye. it started with noticable vision loss in my right eye followed by sharp pain. two days ago i noticed in my left eye that it was difficult to focus. there is no pain and i can still see but it seems as if i'm having a hard time focusing with that eye. is this a possible sign of a second bout or possibly just eye fatigue. i have recently been glued to my computer for work. this just doesnt feel the same as with my bout with optic neuritis. ryan
Hello Ryan
the symptoms of optic neuritis are quite specific. Inability to focus really is not common. More commonly, there is diminished vision, perhaps a blind spot in your vision, or decrease in peripheral vision or color vision along with distinct eye pain that is worsened with eye movements. Based on your symptoms, I think you may simply have eye fatigue. I do however suggest you see an ophthalmologist so they can look at your pupillary reaction, check your visual fields and look at the optic nerve to rule out optic neuritis. I wish you well, Dr. Stevens
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hello, i was recently placed back on the i.v. solumedrol for another round of opic neuritis. i just took my second dosage today and have three left for total of 5. how many days into the treatment does it normally take to begin to see some results?
Hello again
the use of intavenous solumedrol does not necessarily mean the symptoms will get better during the treatment. What the IV steroid does is that it will shorten the duration of symptoms but it is impossible to tell how long that duration will be with treatment. Did I make that clear, if not let me know. Dr. Stevens
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
but most people do see an improvement with the i.v., either during treatment or after... most at least do see improvement? my first dr. during this round only put me on metholpredisolone oral...well it didnt work and only got worse. when he finally sent me to a nuerologist he put me on the i.v. during the first day of treatment it seems as if the contrast has gotten just slightly worse but nothing major. should i just finish the i.v. treatment and see where i'm at then? also is it at least a good sign that i'm nearly two weeks into this and i can still see out of the affected eye adn can still read up close?
Correct, either during or after treatment, the improvement will begin to be apparent. The fact that the vision is good after 2 weeks is very encouraging and typically means that this episode will not lead to further vision loss. Dr. S
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
is it normal to experience slight vision loss even after the first i.v dosage? when i had my left i checked yesterday prior to my first i.v. my vision out of that eye was 20/40 20/45 would you think that my vision may return to 20 20 or at least 20 /30? last question lol , thanks
It is impossible to predict the visual acuity you will get at the end, best case scenario is that you recover all the vision you lost. Yes, it is possible to lose some vision despite treatment, in fact most folks present within the first few days and get IV steroids followed by 10 day course of oral steroids but can lose vision during that entire time. Dr. S
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I believe I am begining to see improvement with my peripheral vision in my left eye. Is this a sign that the inflamation could be going down? Do most people see improvement with their peripheral vision first and then gradually see improvement with central vision? i have two days left of x3 prednisone followed by 2 days of x2 then 1 day of x1 pill. But even still at this point the fact that I can still see out of the eye and see large print etc shoudl still be seen as encouraging right? Thanks, Ryan

Hi Ryan

I am glad you are noticing improvement. Any improvement you notice is positive and means the inflammation is beginning to improve. What is very encouraging is that you have useful vision and have noticed some improvement which should continue in the next few weeks, hopefully all the way back to baseline. Keep me posted Ryan, Have a good night, Dr. Stevens

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