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My Sister (age 50) has just been diagnosed with TETMA as

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My Sister (age 50) has just been diagnosed with 'TETMA' as it was explained to herthat the cornea has a substance like plastic growing on it but can be removed. If it's not removed she will be blind in both eyes.My question to you is what could the 'proper term' be? I have been researching for her today after her appointment & can't seem to find out the specifics of her condition. Any Ideas. I'm So Grateful for Any direction I can get a hold of to help fimd answers she wants to know. Bless You! Karen Farrer Pittsburg Texas USA
I am not familiar with the term TETMA. What you are describing sounds like pterygium. This is a vascular growth on the eye in response to dryness and UV damage. The growth of a pterygium is usually slow. If it starts to grow faster and close to the center of vision, then surgery is recommended to remove it. In the meantime, artificial tears and UV protection will slow its progression.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

is her surgery painful? what is the risk of blindness? is this from being out in the sun too much?


1. The first few days after surgery can be somewhat uncomfortable. She will be given drops and ointment to help with the healing and comfort. It is not nearly as painful as most people believe eye surgery to be.

2. After the growth is removed, there can still be some irregularity on the surface fo the eye and the vision can still be blurry, but the risk of blindness is very low.

3. Sun and UV exposure is part of the cause as is genetic predisposition and dryness.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I apologize for my delay in the 'process' of this JustAnswer system. This was my 1st visit so I wanted to follow up with you to make sure I have correctly finished my part of this transaction. I couldn't sleep I was so worried about my Sister, your answers were of tremendous help for me to get some peace of mind & relay this information to our family. Thanks so much! Karen Farrer
Hello Karen,

Everything was taken care as of on 10/8/09. I appreciate you taking the time to follow-up. Feel free to ask any followup questions if needed, especially if she decides to proceed with the surgery.

Best wishes.