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My wife went to the optomologist for a lump she has been noticing

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My wife went to the optomologist for a lump she has been noticing for several months now and sometimes looks swollen above her right eye. I am concernen because the doctor said it could be cancer but she can't remeber the actual name. Please help me in determining what this might be since i am worried. She is going for a cat scan on Tuesday. The doctor dialated her eye and did noticed something but made assumptions. Any feed back will help.

Thank you concerned husband

Where is the lump?
How long has it been there?
Any pain?
Decrease vision?
What 'assumptions' were made on the dilated exam?

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the lump is right above my right eye. When they dilated my eye, the doctor clearly saw what was there, and right away she said she wanted to send me for a catscan. I asked her what could it be and she told me it could be cancerous. I've notice this above my eye for over 5 months, but i thought it was just swollen. I have notice my eye constantly red and when i put visine it burns a little. So I stop putting in on. It also bothers my eye that when i'm working sometime I cover my right eye with my hand so I don't strain my vision. i get headaches which is usually by my forehead and i usually take 2 tylenol. I guess it has to be something because for the doctor to want to send me for a catscan as soon as possible. My question to you it possible for a doctor to check you and right away assume it's cancer, could it possibly to see something when she checked my eye that right away it was so noticable that i was somehow related to cancer?

I agree with you that it is premature to call it a cancer. It is always in the possibilities, but your doctor needs more information. A CT scan is the appropriate imaging test. Different lumps have different characteristics on CT scan. If it is easily accessible and well demarcated from the other tissues, you doctor or another specialist may elect to do a biopsy (or even remove the whole thing). This will allow the tissue to be seen under the microscrope and decide if it is cancer or not.

For now, cancer is a possibility, but I won't jump to that conclusion quite yet. Wait for what the CT scan looks like and possibly decide on a biopsy for confirmation of what the tissue is.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes she did say i will need a biopsy. And to best describe what it feels like, it feels like a swollen, loose vein inside, above my eye.

Certainly a CT scan is the best course of action to help with the biopsy. The biopsy should give you a definitive answer. I wouldn't worry too much about cancer quite yet. One type of lesions, not a cancer, called a neurofibroma is often described as a "bag of worms".

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