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Hi, I am getting very worried, I wonder if you can help.

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Hi, I am getting very worried, I wonder if you can help.
I am almost 55, have been shortsighted ever since secondary school age, and have had glaucoma since I was 40. My vision progressively deteriorated over the years, but just recently worsened an awful lot. Here is how:
April 2008 righ eye: -6.25-0.50 x 150 6/12 +2.25 Left eye -5.25 - 1.00 x 175 Add + 2.25
10th June 2009 R -8.00 - 0.50 x 150 6/12 Add + 2.25 NB: Left -5.25 - .50 x 175 6/6 -1 Add +2.25 N5
14th September 2009 R -9.5 - 0.50 x 160 6/20 Add + 2.50 N10 Left: - 6.25 - 0.75 x 180 6/7.5 Add + 2.50 N5
I saw the Optitian on 14th September, he found mild nuclear sclerotic cataract in both eyes, which - according to his opinion - does not seem sufficiently developed to cause such a reduction in AV.
I am getting into a right state, fearing my sight. What can be the cause of this and what can be done? I am seeing my Eye consultant next Friday for my routine glaucoma examination. But I now feel that every moment counts.Please help



There are 4 things that come to mind that can cause rapid changes in your focusing at your age.


One is cataract. Even if the cataract does not look dense, one of the early symptoms of cataract is that it cause you to become more nearsighted. Even before it becomes noticeably cloudy, we can see a shift such as in your case.


Second is glaucoma. If the pressure is rather high, it can cause your eye to get bigger, hence more nearsighted.


Third is a corneal dystrophy. This can cause shifts in your focusing as well.


Finally is diabetes. When the blood sugar goes up too high, it can cause you to become more nearsighted as well.


These are things to look for in this case.


I hope this helps and thank you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi, thanks for that. I will accept your answer, to give you positive feedback, but there is no new information in what you gave me. I already looked up a lot about it on the Internet, and I know that the things listed by you can cause my symptoms. It is the fact that I have had both glaucoma for 15 years now, and cataract was spotted already about 6 months ago, though they said not dense enough + my original short=sightedness, so my case is quite compIex. I suspect I expected too much from this service though I was aware that obviously it would be difficult to diagnose,or give me a prognosis, as you would surely have to see my eyes. What I am afraid of is the loss of my sight obviously and I would need some reassurance that it will not happen overnight.

So I am quite happy to pay you what I put down as a deposit. Are you happy with that?

Best regards



The thing to do is to get your eyes checked. I can only give you limited reassurance, other than the fact that the causes I have listed are the most common and that chances are you won't be losing your vision overnight. Good luck.



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