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Only one side of my eye got swollen and its reddish and itchy

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Only one side of my eye got swollen and it's reddish and itchy from using mixture make up products. I have never been allergic to any make up products my whole life until now. I am in my 30's and don't know how to cure it.

I took Clariton and it's not helping. I have also used cold pak onto my eye to calm but not helping. It's been 3 days that my eye is swollen, what can i do?
You can try an over the counter antihistamine eye drop (such as Zatidor or Elestat). You should stop the eye make-up if you haven't done so already.

The Claritin and cold packs should help as well. If it is not improved, you can see your ophthalmologist for a prescrition of corticosteroids.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is this allergic reaction? By using over the counter product, how soon should it take to heal?
Itchiness is usually a sign of allergies. I would give it a couple more days. If the swelling gets much worse, your vision is affected, then you can consider seeing an eye doctor sooner. Try the artificial tears and antihistamine eye drops to see if it helps.

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