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Dr. James
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hi i have a little bump on my bottom eyelid which gets very

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hi i have a little bump on my bottom eyelid which gets very ichy and swells up and gets bigger sometimes and then goes down. have had it for a year or so i am getting one on my top eye lid now not painfull but annoying.   saw doctor long time back gave me drops and cream which did not work he said it was a blocked tear duct.?
           thanks.    for your time
        Regardes carmel
Hi Carmel,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. It can be a number of things depending on the location. If it is withing the eyelid itself, the most common problem is a style/chalazion. These are usually treated with warm compress to allow them to self drain since it is caused by blocked oil glands within the eyelid. Sometimes a combination steroid/antiobiotic cream may help. Once the bump has resolved, then it is recommended for you to continue warm compresses and lid scrubs to maintain hygiene of the eyelids twice a day to prevent future blockage of oil glands.

Another possibility may be a cyst. These can go away on their own but usually recur when the fluid builds back up. Treatment requires excision of the cyst.

A blocked tear duct is another possibility as well. Tears normally drain from the inside corner of your eyes down to the nose (that's why your nose gets runny when you cry). Newborns commonly has this blocked, but most of them will resolved. For adults, blockage can occur in the nose, and if bothersome usually needs probing by an ophthalmologist and possibly surgery. There is a lacrimal sac between the eyes and nose. If you do indeed have blockage, it can cause backup and swelling of that lacrimal sac.

From what you've describe, it is possibly a recurrent stye or chalazion. Not a serious condition, but can definitely be bothersome.

Was the doctor you saw an ophthalmologist? I'd recommend for you to consult with an ophthalmologist. I'd be happy to answer any other questions or clarify if needed.

Thank you for your question and I wish you well.

Dr. Khu
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi dont think it a style as i had a lot of them when i was young. looks different and not sore or pain full think it must be a chalazion will try warm compress
thanks for your very prompt answer. would have cost me 50 euro to go to doctor
PS dont know where you are but isn't internet brilliant.
i am in dublin ireland.Thaks again
regards Carmel