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How can on Optometrist find astigmatism and another cannot

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How can on Optometrist find astigmatism and another cannot?


do you have the prescription with the astigmatism available?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
From my recollection, it was for the left eye: -5.50 Acuvue Astigmatism. That was three years ago. I have since moved and cannot find an Optometrist here that "sees" the astigmatism although one said "maybe in the left eye" and a little in the right eye but would not prescribe for it. Second Optometrist saw nothing. Have been prescribed Ciba and now Solus 55: left eye -5.00 and right eye -4.75. Distance is's the middle distance between far and near that is the in my right eye. Original reason I got the astigmatism prescription in the first place.

Hello there

Astigmatism is simply the condition when the surface of the cornea is shaped more like a football rather than a basketball. When it is mild, during the eyeglass exam, the patient may actually see just as well with the mild astigmatic correction as without. So if for some reason during the testing, your responses were close, sometimes the optometrists can give just the spherical prescription. It is entirely possible you had mild astigmatism and that may have actually gotten better over time, or is now so small that it is negligable, Dr. Stevens

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Well, the left eye has certainly gotten better but now it is my right eye. Should I demand that I get a prescription for a toric lens for my right eye because the optometrists down here seem to be hesitant to prescribe and won't listen to me or consider the original prescription from the optometrist I was seeing before I moved. Time, money and clear vision are at stake here.

Hello again

are they able to correct you to 20/20 or thereabouts in each eye? Why do you think they would not give you the astigmatic correction if you needed it?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

One doctor said why correct it when it is so slight and the other said he couldn't see it. Is it customary to check vision with contacts on? I thought they should be off. They say it is corrected to 20/20 but it doesn't work for the middle right eye goes blurry. The toric lense worked before but I can't travel three hours to go back to my original optometrist in the Bay Area. Just trying to get some foundation here to battle with these optometrists in Fresno.

Hello again

Optometrists may decide to not give the astigmatic correction if it is mild because toric contacts can be more expensive for you, can cause more irritation and can be harder to fit. You have to remember, the contact does have a tendency to make the cornea more circular (slight amount) so what they have done is a contact lens over-refraction to make sure the vision is as sharp as it can be. In the end if you are more satisfied with toric lenses, let the optometrist know that you prefer the toric contact even if it is a mild prescription. If needed, you can go to a 3rd optometrist, Regards XXXXX XXXXX

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your time and information. It has helped clarify for me what I need to say to these guys. I would give you a bonus but I'm pretty broke right now with all the payments to different optometrists. Sorry:(
Glad to be of help, Dr. S