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Dr. Stevens
Dr. Stevens, Ophthalmologist
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Hi.. I had a facial 4 days ago, The Esthetician gave prticular

Customer Question

Hi.. I had a facial 4 days ago, The Esthetician gave prticular time to a sun spot on my left eyelid ner the brow area...tellking me the brownspot wouldbegin to flake off. 2 days later te spot darkened.. i was getting ready to take a walk -sun was protect my face i used a sunscreen that is mainly zinc oxide.. i put it on theeyelid.. within hours my eye lid became almostsunbun looking and a large blister began over the eye lid..NOT part of the brown spot..and the lid ws swollen.. i put cold compresses onit, which deflated theblioster a bit..the some cortizone cream..which seemed to help eve more.. itis 12 hours later.. the blister sbck in full force, so is the swelling.should i see an opthalmoogist, a dermatologists or my G.P. This is not painful, does not impare my vision..just unsightly and I have a huge social affair to attend in 3 days! i want this thing gone..better yet, how and why did it start?? help!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 7 years ago.

Hello there

my suspicion is that the sunscreen irritated the delicate skin and caused the blister. Cool compresses to the area should be of most benefit along with a small amount of hydrocortisone creme (1% creme) . Of the three docs you mentioned, the preferred specialist in my opinion is the dermatologist. It is quite possible that this can resolve by the time your event comes around. I wish you well, Dr. Stevens

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you I now know which direction to go in & I ll conrtinue the cool compress/sand the cortizone cream
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 7 years ago.
You are welcome, I wish you well, Dr. Stevens