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I would like more information on Pseudo Thygesons corneal.

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I would like more information on Pseudo Thygeson's corneal. I was recently diagnosed and now on a steroid. I was told I may have worn my contacts too long for me. And may have to go into a two week contact or just start wearing my monthly contacts for two weeks.



Thygeson's Disease (or Thygeson's Superficial Punctate Keratopathy) is an inflammatory disease of the cornea. It caused "raw spots" to appear on your cornea that can come and go. It causes pain, redness, blurred vision. It can be treated with lubricants, steroids, or sometimes laser PTK. We don't really know the cause for it.

Thygeson's can recur.


Pseudo-Thygeson is sometimes used to describe contact lens related punctate keratopathy. This is caused from overwear of contact lenses. It is treated with lubricants or steroids. It also required decrease contact lens wear. You can decrease contact lens wear by changing out lenses more frequently or by wearing them for shorter time periods each day.


Hope this helps.

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