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My 4 yr old son complains of an itchy eye and continously keeps

Customer Question

My 4 yr old son complains of an itchy eye and continously keeps blinking. We have tried an anti-histimine which appeared to help in the begining but to no avail now. What could this be. The Gp also put some dye in and under fluro light checked there was no scratching on the eye and there was none. This has been going for a good month now and is driving us all crazy.We were advised surgery might be the thing to do, due to a blocked tear duct, but there doesnt appear to be any swelling or big amounts of discharge or any other indicators apart from the eye looks a bit puffy underneath it but I thought this might be due to the constant rubbing it gets.Any suggestions
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 7 years ago.

It sounds like he may indeed have allergies. Unfortunately, antihistamines only relieve the symptoms temporarily. After you use it for a few days, it can actually irritate the eye more. For allergy flareups, I usually start patients on a low potency steroids (like FML) for a few weeks to get over the acute symptoms. At the same time, I start them on a mast cell stabilizer (like Crolom or Pataday or Optivar). These drops can be used chronically. They serve to decrease the frequency and intensity of flareups.


Sometimes, when the symptoms are severe, systemic medications temporarily can help also (such as Zyrtec, Allegra). You can also observe your son in his environment. If some activity or place seems to worsen the symptoms, he may be allergic to something there. Also humidifiers may help. I recommend that my patients also avoid ceiling fans (especially while sleeping).


I cannot truly comment on the proposed surgery since I have not examined your son. If he indeed has symptoms of blocked tear ducts, then surgery to unclog them may help. Usually these symptoms include tearing and mattering.


Hope this helps.