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How do I treat a blood stained eye

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I had a blow to my right eye a couple of days ago. The whites of my right eye have turned completely red and bloodstained. The eye is generally sore and swollen. I have not been to GPs or doctors - but do you think I should? I can see as usual and I am not getting headaches or any other symptoms. Thank you very much.
Can you give some more information regarding our question-
- kindly specify your age and gender.
- are you on any medicines for hypertension/diabetes etc?
- is there redness of eyes with swelling with itching and discharge OR the white portion of the eye is blood red with no other symptoms?
- did the redness occur suddenly or was it gradual?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am female, aged 38.

I do not take any medicines at all for hypertension or diabetes, or any other condition.

The white portion of the eye is blood red with no other symptoms, apart from a bit sore.

The redness occurred gradually within a couple of hours of the impact.

Thanks for the information.
It seems that you are having subconjunctival bleeding i.e. bleeding of the white portion of the eye. Usually this is harmless and absorbs by itself in the next 15 days. The most common cause of such a bleed is sudden increase in blood pressure, diabetes, bleeding disorders, eye trauma (rubbing of eye) etc. It can occur without any major cause also, as the blood vessels of the conjunctiva are very fragile and can bleed easily. In your case it seems to be due to the trauma. Close the other eye and look far with the affected eye. If the vision is normal, then no need to worry immediately. You can have a detailed eye examination with your doctor as soon as possible.
You need to get your blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked. If all is normal, no need to worry.
Dr. PG and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Also take oral anti-inflammatories like tylenol and apply warm compresses to the affected eye.