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Clare, Solicitor
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Dear Claire, today i am going to ISSUE an injunction application

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Dear Claire, today i am going to ISSUE an injunction application against my husband's Solicitor That keeps harassing and threatening me.
Is there any special wording I need to use or do I need to have reported him to the police?
Thank you for your question
In what way are the solicitors harassing you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi claire sorry for the delay in replying.
My husbands solicitor has always been threatening me, has always used an abusive behaviour, trying to scare me, the way he writes me letters, its a continuos threat. He is now using as a pretext the fact that I have caused him of harassment for not replying to my questions to why his client is in breach of court orders and hy has he stopped child maintenance, on the other hand keeps threatening me that they will be making a committal application in the court against me for having denied child contact which again is a lie and a bad allegation.
My ex husband signature was missing in a document to allow the Italian consulate issue a document to allow consent to inline companies to transport our daughter as an unaccompanied minor. Nothing to do ith me! His signature was missing, not mine.
My husband has now disappeared, he does not reply to mails or phone calls, has failed to I've me power of attorney to sell the matrimonial home, has failed to pay my and child maintenance, and his solicitor keeps threatening me,. His solicitor knows that his client has failed to pay the money I was awarded for my legal costs and claimed that because I have accused him of harassment he will only deal with a solicitor of this jurisdiction ( does not want to talk to my Italian lawyer) knowing I do not have the money to appoint and pay for a solicitor because his client is in breach of court order!!!! Isn t this mafia? Thanks claire
Hi Valentina
I am afraid that there is no basis on which you can serve an injunction on the solicitor for doing his job - no matter how aggressively he is going about it
You can however write to him and point out that in fact he has no choice but to deal with you if he wishes to continue acting on behalf of his client.
You can point out that if he continues to threaten you then you will report his behaviour to the SRA - details here
I hope that this helps
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