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I am an American citizen in Germany for 2 more days before

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I am an American citizen in Germany for 2 more days before returning to the states. I was supposed to take a tour with a small company in Normandy France. We were unable to make it to France and the tour company tried to charge my card which it was unable to do since I called the back to inform them I would no longer be going to France. They emailed me informing me they would take legal action against me if not paid their money, which is less than 200 Euro's. Is this possible.

You do not have so much to be worry about as long as they do not provided yoiu the service for a problem wich is not from you
You want the service but thet were unable to provide it so its not your responsability

In all casas the cots to begin legal action will be very hight and the risk for they also, so I am sure they are not going anything against you

The worts risk you have if hey have your card number and make the charge, if they do it you will have to sue them...

I will be here if needed.

Thank you
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