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Hello there, I am a UK born national of 60 years. My son is

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Hello there, I am a UK born national of 60 years. My son is also UK citizen. His wife is Russian by birth. They want to go to Ireland and live for some months. According to EU law that I have been reading, I understand that she is allowed to enter along with him as long as documentation of the marriage is provided with passports. He has tried to apply two times, they haven't refused. They said my son needed 6 months bank statements but he doesn't have that. For the type of visa, which is "Accompanying Spouse to Ireland", it does not require 6 months bank statements. His time is running out before he has to leave his present circumstances. Please advise. PS I should make you aware that he and his wife are in France at the moment.

Your son can enter Ireland freely and, as an EU citizen, he does not need a visa.
He can settle there freely and have his wife join him IF he can prove he will not risk becoming a burden on Irish welfare system (i.e. prove he can support himself, and his wife). If he cannot convince Irish consular authorities that he can support himself and his Russian wife, it is likely that she will be denied a visa. The best way is either to show that he has a job waiting for him in Ireland which will enable him to support both of them, or to show bank statements proving he has enough income to do the same.
This needs to be done before he embarks to Ireland otherwise his wife faces arrest and immediate deportation at the point of entry.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What about my son sending his brother's bank statements to the visa office and saying that he is paying his brother's room and board?

Unfortunately, this would be acceptable only in the case of your son having an objective reason not to be able to fence for himself and his wife and be dependent on another person (like if he were disabled, or sick,...)
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